What is QuickJam?

In short, QuickJam is the only consumer to consumer interactive site where musicians and venues can mutually search for each other, find a proper match, advertise their event and review their experience.

How did QuickJam get started?

We all know booking a gig takes a lot of time and hard work. Cold calls. Unreturned messages. Poor experiences. Difficulty getting paid. Cancelled shows. Double bookings. We’ve all experienced these difficulties and many more. After years of watching musicians struggle to find the right gig for them, self- advertising and last minute cancels, we figured, there has to be a better alternative to how the independent musician gets their music out there. If you’ve ever had a gig canceled the day of, you know it’s nearly impossible to find an alternative on such short notice. That’s when QuickJam Entertainment Inc. was born. Alive came the first site where a band, DJ, independent musician or venue could find the right match for any event at a moments notice. Don’t be stuck without a gig again. Join QuickJam and unlock your full potential.